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Quebec working on deal for more games in French


A joint initiative between the French-speaking province of Quebec in Canada and the video game industry is looking to have more games in French. A spokesperson for the Quebec government said a deal is in the works for all games entering the province to be translated into French. Video-game distributors will allegedly pick up the tab and the full details will be made public in a few weeks. Currently less than 40% of the "most popular" games in Quebec are available in French.

As long as it doesn't slow down the release of games outside of Quebec, we're totally for it. Actually, it has been nice to play the Heavenly Sword demo in many different languages with English subtitles. Sure, the voice work isn't as good in some of the languages, but it's still nice to have options. Why shouldn't people be able to have their games in their own languages as long as they're willing to foot the bill?

[Via Game|Life]

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