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US Ratchet and Clank release date revealed in latest Full Moon Show

Jem Alexander

Looks like it's "release date revelation" day. A new international holiday during which we find out just exactly when we'll be playing all the great games over the next few months. Top of our list? Ratchet and Clank. We're desperate to get our hands on the final build of this game. Thanks to the latest episode of the Insomniac Full Moon Show, we now know that we will be playing it on October the 23rd.

The following months are going to be excellent, if today is anything to go by. Just these Sony first party games and R&C are enough to leave our wallets in a horrid state. So week of October 23rd off work and step into your HandyCryo Personal Stasis Device. That's what we're doing, at least. See you at the end of October.

[Thanks mccomber]

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