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Brain Age 2 DS bundle unboxed, envy unleashed


GamePro got one of the Brain Age 2 DS Lite bundles, and decided to kill us all with envy. We're writhing as we stare at the surprisingly sparkly crimson finish on the DS. We're struck by how much better it looks in these GamePro shots than in the official photos!

As it happens, the included case is also hot. It's red with a repeating dual-screen pattern (like the emblem on the Lite itself.) And, lest we forget, the package includes Brain Age 2, which itself is worth a little drool. We're considering buying one of these bundles just to be seen with it.

Oh, did we forget to mention that they're giving it away? Yeah, GamePro will be holding a contest in the near future to put that DS in some lucky fan's hands. ProTip: You probably want this.

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