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David Pogue on iMovie '08: "What the [bleep]!"

David Chartier

iLife '08 buyers have spoken, and Apple has listened: the new iMovie '08 is a major disappointment in some key areas. So much so that Apple decided to provide iMovie '06 as a free download, but it's almost as if they knew this was going to happen, because iMovie '06 is the only iLife app that gets preserved in a backup folder when installing iLife '08.

Adding his influential voice to the crowd, David Pogue has penned a new article blatantly titled Apple Takes a Step Back with iMovie '08, and you get three guesses as to how he feels about the new changes. Throughout the article, Pogue repeatedly slams Apple for doing something no other company has in recent memory: update a mature, popular application with a new version that retains almost no resemblance to its predecessors. Pogue even goes so far as to recommend iMovie '08 to have been given a different name, such as FlyMovie, ByeMovie or WhyMovie.

Though he does briefly praise the app for a few of its new features - such as skimming (despite its tall resource requirements), unparalleled color correction tools, YouTube sharing and the ability to truly delete portions of a clip you won't be using to reclaim hard drive space - Pogue still tosses his hat into the ring with disgruntled iMovie fans (especially since he's been using it to create all his videos for the New York Times) in asking Apple: "What the [bleep]!"

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