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In2Games makes own Wiimote-like device


In2Games plans on bringing some Wii flavor to the PS2 as they get set to showcase their wares at the upcoming Leipzig show. With six titles already in the works for UK gamers, this new peripheral hopes to achieve the same acclaim that Wii Sports received on the Wii, only with the PS2. The six titles already in the creation process are:

  • Realplay Golf
  • Realplay Pool
  • Realplay Bowling
  • Realplay Racing
  • Realplay Tennis
  • Realplay Puzzlesphere
Elliott Myers, CEO of In2Games, wants to offer a product to PS2 owners who might be hesitant to purchase a new console. Considering that the wording is a bit sketchy, we're not sure if it'll be £29.99 for the whole package, or that price per game and shell. It looks like the latter, as each bundle will include the base motion-sensing piece, along with a shell for the appropriate game. Given that, we wonder why anyone would go for a knock-off when you can get the real thing for just a little bit more. And, if you're worried about the money, just donate some blood. In fact, it doesn't even have to be your blood.

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