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Philips' iPod line in the wild, headed for the States


Not much new info here, but if you've been wondering what that slew of iPod-friendly product from Philips looks up in person, CNET has the gallery goods. Turns out they don't look like anything special, but we're still fairly into this BTM630, pictured above. Launching in September for $199, the Bluetooth-equipped dock can stream music from your phone, act as a speakerphone, rip songs from CDs to attached USB drives, and of course blast your iPod tunes if you're feeling mundane. Also sighted were the Philips SJM3151 LCD remote and dock, which hits in September for $199 as well; the $199 AZ1330B iPod boombox; and the AJ300D iPod alarm clock, which is available now for $79. Philips even gave a sneak peak of its upcoming GoGear PMP, which packs a 3.5-inch screen, 4GB of flash memory and 20 hours of battery life -- 5 for video. It'll be out in September for $149.

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