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ShiatsuCube: Homebrew happy endings

Eric Caoili

We don't see much homebrew for the Wii or GameCube that doesn't have to do with emulating some system or another, so when something wacky like this comes along, we can't help but jump at the chance to write it up.

Working 160R's Massager application is easy -- select a technique or mode, place the GameCube controller(s) anywhere you want, and enjoy the rumble rubdown. Sure, it's nothing like the real thing, but have you looked at hourly rates for a professional massage lately? Inconceivable! And despite our efforts to coerce our cats into walking their padded feet on our aching backs, no amount of kitten treats will keep them there any longer than a few seconds.

Unsurprisingly, this sort of vibration-based program is ripe for abuse -- we're looking at you, Jane Pinckard (link potentially NSFW) -- but how could the developer not expect to see his work perverted? It's a small consolation, though, to see the old purple console get a little love after all this time, even if it is mostly self-love.

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