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Get BioShock and All-Pro Football for the cheap [update 1]

Dustin Burg

This morning, while flipping through the Sunday newspaper ads, we discovered a few pretty good gaming deals we thought we'd share with you. The first deal that caught our is eye was All-Pro Football 2K8 over at Best Buy which has been discounted to a very affordable $39.99, probably due to a little game called Madden 08 being released as of late. Also available at Best Buy this week is an offer where if you purchase the Xbox 360 HD DVD player you'll get the movie 300 for free on top of King Kong and the five other free movie offer. Finally, we know hordes of people will be purchasing BioShock this week and if you get it at Circuit City you'll save $10. That's right, BioShock will be available this Tuesday at Circuit City for $49.99. As always, spend wisely, be safe, and feel free to share the deals you've stumbled upon this week.

Update 1: Swapped out the image, because images can be confusing sometimes.

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