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Podcast Rodeo for August 19: Ears - Where everybody knows your name

Justin McElroy

Is the game drought at its absolute worst? We've got a show that's chock full of demo reviews, one show that's leading off with a free arcade show and one that takes a bullet for everybody and plays Thomas the Tank Engine. Fall can't get here soon enough.

Gaming Noise: If you remember Chip and Zach, you are very old. But, you are also among the privileged few to have heard one of the best gaming podcasts in history. A podcast BEFORE podcasts were even called podcasts. Old school. There are some technical glitches in this return episode, sure, but these guys are still really fun to listen to.

Radio Ninty: You know what the world needs more of? Podcasts with the guts to start their shows off with a review of the Japanese version of Thomas the Tank Engine for DS. Plus, they're from the UK, and you know that the Rodeo is a sucker for that.

NooBTooB: How edgy is the TooB this week? So edgy, in fact, that we can't even print the name of the episode on this hallowed internet real estate. Suffice it to say, don't watch if you're offended by suggestive Picross puzzles. Or if you're at work. Or if you you think reviews of new 360 demos are objectionable, though we really don't get that.

CAG Cast: If you've been following Cheap Ass Gamer's legal drama, you'll find an update this week. Plus, in a remarkable twist, Joystiq gets embroiled in the drama! Delicious!

Joystiq: For obvious reasons (the lack of the best host chief among them) this episode is hard to recommend. Of course, if you're just dying to hear even more about BioShock, there are worse ways to spend your bytes.

1UP Show: We don't talk about the 1UP Show enough, and that's a shame, it's always high-quality, free entertainment. The centerpiece this week is "California Extreme," an orgy of free arcade gaming, which is followed by an even more remarkable tour of Tokyo game cafes. It's not to be missed.

That's the Rodeo, keep those recommendations coming. It'll give us something to read while we're not playing any games at all.

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