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Examear: helping students make the best of exam day

Darren Murph

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Sure, quite a few intrepid students have tried to slip on an earpiece of some sort to gain an unfair advantage come test time, but those DIY attempts oftentimes lack the top-notch qualities found in professional, in-ear cheating liaisons. Enter Examear, which aims to "help students succeed" by offering up a trio of wireless earphones that enable test takers to hear recorded content on a nearby DAP or the voice of an abettor. Each of the models fit sneakily within your ear and sport varying levels of battery life / features, and while you can snag the low-ender for a mere $185, the Bluetooth-equipped platinum edition looks to be the best bet for the avid cheater at $300. 'Course, we certainly wouldn't recommend nor condone actually using these things for subverting an exam, but presenters who often forget their lines and those who long to be an undercover spy could certainly find a good bit of utility here, too.

[Via MetaFilter]

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