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Mexican police nab over 4,500 counterfeit discs


On Friday, Mexican police stormed 12 different suspected counterfeiters. They managed to come away with 15,000 counterfeit Nintendo products, including over 4,500 counterfeit Wii discs. Going down in a major "fayuca" (contraband) market in Guadalajara, it's yet another campaign against crime in the territory as customs agents also recently nabbed over 5,000 counterfeit products entering Manzanillo, from China.

"Mexico is Nintendo's largest market in Latin America, where the problem of video game piracy is widespread," said Jodi Daugherty, Nintendo of America's senior director of anti-piracy. "Since January, Nintendo has worked with law enforcement agencies worldwide to seize 100,000 counterfeit Wii games."

[Via press release]

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