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Rumor or error: the all-red DS Lite


Sharp-eyed reader Fashnootin noticed something interesting while poking around the Best Buy website -- the Brain Age 2 bundle. But not the super-hot two-toned Lite we've been drooing over, oh no ... this Lite is all red. Now, we've seen the gorgeous red and black Lite in the hands of some of our fellows, so we know it exists -- so what's with this one? Could there be another bundle? Another new DS Lite? Or is it simply a mistake on Best Buy's behalf? We snagged a screencap of the image just in case it disappears. Reader thrillho also caught a picture in the sales flyer, so it's not a one-off.

We do so love to start the mornings off with a little gossip, and this pic is as juicy as a ripe strawberry. We rather prefer the red and black model, but we wouldn't say no to an all-red Lite, either.

[Thanks, Fashnootin and thrillho!]

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