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SAFA intros "Casiopea" portable media player


Korea's SAFA sure seems to be keeping up a steady pace with its PMPs as of late, with the company now following up its recently introduced DIA and 3one players with its new "Casiopea" model. Of course, it's a bit easier to churn these out when you don't offer that many distinguishing features between 'em, a tradition that the Casiopea looks to continue. As with those earlier players, this one boasts a 2.4-inch display, along with an FM radio, a voice recorder, a miniSD slot for expansion, and four pre-loaded games (including Tetris). From the looks of it, however, your choices of capacities are a bit more limited, with only 1GB and 2GB versions available for 139,000 and 159,000 won, respectively (or roughly $150 and $170).

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