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Xbox 360 gets European price drop on August 24

Justin McElroy

UK gamers who waited to buy their 360 until BioShock was released will find a nice surprise for them when they go to the register: A £20 price cut on the Core and a £30 cut on the 20 GB 360. That brings the prices to £249.99 (around $497) for the 20 GB system and £179.99 ($358) for the Core, which is, interestingly, the exact same cost as the Wii. It was also announced that when the Elite is released there this week, it will retail for £299.99 ($596).

Shizzle Games of Belgium is not only showing new prices for other parts of Europe
(€449/€349/€279) but also new names for the SKUs, redubbing the Core model "Arcade" and the middle one the "Pro". That new "Arcade" SKU will also come with five XBLA games which should just about fill the 256 MB memory card it comes packed with. It's also sporting an HDMI port. Though we haven't heard of a similar rebranding of the Core here in the U.S. it does make us wonder if we should be interpreting Core systems being discontinued in a whole new way.

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