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Arcade arm-wrestling game pulled for arm wrecking


Japanese arm-wrestling game, Arm Spirit, had to be yanked from Japanese arcades this week after displaying inhuman strength and breaking the arms of three would-be challengers. This bicep battle between man and machine is obviously similar to real arm wrestling, with the disturbing exception that your opponent's cold hand has no body to go with it. Instead, the appendage is part of an electronic box which mocks you in beeps and boops as it snaps your arm like a twig.

A spokeswoman for game distributor Atlus told the Associated Press that the recall was a "precaution," implying that the organic meatbags of Japan should put some effort into it and realize that the world meets nobody halfway. "The machine isn't that strong, much less so than a muscular man," said Ayano Sakiyama. "Even women should be able to beat it."

We're not sure how Ms. Sakiyama would fare when pitted against the mangler of limbs, but she apparently had enough energy to manage a firm shrug. "We think that maybe some players get overexcited and twist their arms in an unnatural way."

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