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BioShock launch party at Boston's Felt bar


While there was a considerable lack of Big Daddies at the BioShock launch party -- they were all at The Eagle down the street -- events at Irrational 2K Boston's festivities held at Felt in downtown Boston went down smoothly with shots of "Adam." With syringes on platters, "Little Sister" waitresses went around squirting the "Adam" fluid into revelers mouths -- the alcohol-based substance tasted considerably like Apple-tinis. And no, in reality, it wasn't even close to as scandalous as the Rumble Roses XX injection scenes.

Speaking with the people at the party, it becomes obvious Boston is starting to see a little re-emergence as a video game development town, which is what Boston Mayor Menino seems to want for the city -- despite the company he keeps. This year Boston area game developers will have produced major titles like Lord of the Rings Online, Rock Band, SimCity Societies and BioShock.

Did we spend any time with BioShock designer Ken Levine? No. We did spend some time with the guy who came up with the idea of the Big Daddies and he said that he always found diving suits scary. We also had to ask him the ultimate motivation-irking BioShock question, "What would possess a man to take a syringe, with no explanation of what's inside it, and jam it into his forearm?"

His response: "We get that one a lot. We probably should have had Atlas say something to make it more fluid. But it'll all make sense by the end of the game." Of course, BioShock is out now if you're looking to learn the secrets of Rapture.

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