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Doritos announces XBLA game finalists

Justin McElroy

In many ways adver-games are better than real games, because in playing them you learn something ... about a product. It's like edutainment, but at the end you want to buy stuff. That synergy will be coming to an Xbox Live Arcade near you thanks to Doritos' "Unlock Xbox" contest, which asked gamers to devise an XBLA game that carried the "bold spirit" of the Doritos brand. Judging from this list of finalists, they'll be giving the creepy Burger King a run for his money. Behold:
  • Doritos Dinosaur Dash by Mike Borland of Sewickley, PA
  • Doritos Presents UDC: Ultimate Dodgeball Champions by Devan Moore of Panama City, FL
  • Monkeys from Mt. Dorito by Juanito Lagasco, III of Algonquin, IL
  • PB's Quest for Flavor by Jeremy Mattsen of Colorado Springs, CO
  • Rythum Racing by Kenneth Parker of Warner Robins, GA
We know you have a lot of questions, like "Are the dinosaurs actually dashing for Doritos?," "Is Monkeys from Mt. Dorito the best name for a game ever?" and "Why is PB questing for flavor when there are so many delicious varieties of Doritos-brand snack chips so widely available?" The answers, in order, are "We certainly hope so," "Absolutely," and "We have no idea." Hope that helps.

[Via Gamasutra]

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