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Folding@home 1.2 adds Remote Play folding, Advanced Participation, more


It appears that more and more PS3 systems are getting access to a new version of Folding@home for PS3. Version 1.2 contains some noteworthy additions, such as the ability to activate folding from your PSP through Remote Play, and a new Advanced Participation mode for those that fold more than eight hours a day (!). Here are the updates:
  • Support for Remote Play for PSP - Turn on Remote Play and feel free to activate folding when you're on the go. Requires PSP firmware 3.50 or above.
  • Visibility of Donor Locations on the Globe - See night and day users.
  • Support for Additional Protein Simulations - PS3 now supports even more kinds of proteins!
  • Advanced Participation Mode - Recommended for users that fold at least eight hours a day, this mode will allow users to tackle advanced calculations that take significantly longer than standard operations. A new energy graph will show the energy level of the protein over time.
  • Screensaver Mode - After three minutes of controller inactivity, the screen will go blank, allowing users to save on power consumption.
  • Link to Project Information - See what you're folding, and what cause it's going for.
  • Protein Visualization Enhancements - Four new visual modes have been added:
    Tapioca – Displays the protein as a smooth surface with improved shading and depth. (Replaces "ISO Surface" visualization from earlier versions.)
    Caviar – Displays the protein as a smooth surface with defined edges.
    Licorice – Displays only the protein's bonds.
    Backbone – Emphasizes specific sections of the protein that are of the most scientific interest to researchers.
Get folding! To join the PS3 Fanboy Folding@home team, add your PS3 to our group: 57793.

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