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Month of Metroid Prime 3 videos continues

Eric Caoili

With the third and final Metroid Prime title coming in just a week, we're being blitzed with previews from all directions. GameTrailers's extended hands-on impressions, embedded above, builds up the hype without spoiling too much of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption's story. The six-minute clip examines the first-person adventure's graphics, controls, and token system, lauding each point at every corner. If you're still craving some new preview footage after all that, the video site also has a variety of gameplay movies, as well as a comparison between Corruption and its GameCube predecessor, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Nintendo also updated its Metroid Prime 3: Corruption channel with two new clips. The first video documents the aftermath of a Space Pirates attack on Galactic Federation ship Valhalla, whereas the second clip has Samus knocking down her enemies while in Morph Ball mode. You can watch both of them past the post break. The next two movies, Dark Samus and Mine Battle, will show up on the preview channel this Thursday.

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