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Too Human trilogy may conclude on next next-gen console


Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack was just keeping it real when he confessed to IGN that the Too Human trilogy might drag on past the Xbox 360's life cycle. Ya think? The ongoing legal drama with Epic is just the latest hiccup in what's close to a decade-long project. (Silicon Knights began development in 1999 and first previewed Too Human, originally a 5-disc PlayStation game, at E3 in 2000.) But if Dyack's prediction comes true, if there is only one 'next next-gen' console, then at least future Too Human sequels will not be slowed by platform transitions.

Dyack's newest estimate for the release of the first game is now "early 2008," curtailing total development time to the 9-year mark and improving the forecast from last week's more broadly cited date of "2008." The first truly playable version of Too Human will apparently be shown to media outlets as early as October.

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