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Turn crossrealm BGs back off?

Mike Schramm

Perhaps people are just feeling nostalgic, but last week people were asking for 40 man raids again, and now they're asking for non-crossrealm battlegrounds.

Are you serious? Did you all even play before 1.12, when Blizzard gave us the ability to join up to battlegrounds that were populated with people from other servers? We're talking waits into the hours, and some Alliance never even got to play (then again, that part wasn't so bad). No, X-realm battlegrounds were a hit back then, and they still are great today.

Now maybe you're asking for a better way to play with people you know-- that's definitely a valid concern, and Blizzard is actually working on it: they all but confirmed guild vs. guild battlegrounds at BlizzCon. Building better and easier ways to play with your friends is always a good idea.

But limiting the battleground population again? Bad idea. I'm starting to agree with the commenters in the 40 man raid post: people just don't know what they want.

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