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Wanna Winna Wii? Go do some cool hunting

Kevin Kelly

If you're like us, then you've been cruising the Wii aisles at Best Buy and Target, hoping you might be there at the magical moment when a shipment comes in and snag a Wii fresh off the truck. However, all that usually comes in are a fresh batch of Friends DVDs, or possibly more copies of XXX.

Well, now you can win a Wii without having to register your credit card somewhere, buy a raffle ticket, or sell a kidney. That's right, sit there in the comfort of your chair/beanbag/couch/captain's set. ThisNext and Cool Hunting have teamed up to give you a Wii, so check out the details for their "Be A Wii-Ner" (oh not they didn't) contest and get yourself a Wii for free.

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