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BioShock jolts Take-Two stock up 10%


Big Daddy should probably be renamed Sugar Daddy, as Reuters reports Take-Two's stock rose 10% at the close of trading on Tuesday. Wall Street seems happy with the buzz for the game and if's bestseller list is any indication, sales seem strong. The Xbox 360 version of BioShock is currently #2 as of this writing on their bestseller list behind the Wii, the PC version of the game is #5 behind Halo 3 pre-orders and the sexy crimson DS.

Reviews for the game itself have been overwhelmingly positive, with random tech issues (especially on the PC version) and the whole widescreen problem bringing most of the hate. Following the delay of GTA IV, it probably comes as a relief to Take-Two that they'll at least have one strong mega-hit going into this holiday season.

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