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Blue Notes: Fear ward for all, and a faster Armory

Eliah Hecht

Apparently, Fear Ward is going to be a spell for all priests as of Wrath of the Lich King. This is indirectly confirmed by Nethaera. In response to a post translated from German that implies a universal Fear Ward, the candle said:

This is true that we plan to spread Fear Ward around, but don't expect it until most likely the expansion.

There's a bit of a difference between "spread it around" and "for all races," but still, I'm betting on every race getting it just to end the debate. And it looks like the URL change is not the only refreshing the Armory is getting today; the "first phase" (ooh, there's more?) of Armory optimizations has gone live:

  • Smarter, faster results pages: The Armory's various search results pages respond more quickly when changing pages or sorting within the results. The Armory's right hand panel also takes advantage of this new speed and now remembers what page you were last viewing as well.
  • Faster item tooltips: The tooltips that appear when mousing over items in a character profile or an item search results page are now much more responsive.
  • Open Armory links in new windows/tabs: Now you can open links from the Armory in their own tabs or windows for quick comparisons between profiles, items, search results, and more.
  • New advanced item search button: This button takes you to the Armory's powerful advanced item search options and is located in a prominent, convenient location under the main search field.
  • And much more: Many more specific improvements have been implemented, the details of which can be found on the Updates page. In addition, general performance has been greatly improved in the areas of response time, loading time, and memory usage.
Neat. The Armory is an indispensible tool, and making it faster is a big plus. The item tooltips still don't work in Camino, my browser of choice, but I'm told that's a Camino bug and not really Blizz's fault.

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