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Go! Messenger brings IM, voice and video chat to PSP


Sony has officially unveiled PSP's upcoming VOIP service, to be called Go! Messenger. The program will be downloadable and installed into the XMB in a future firmware upgrade. Through it, PSP owners will be able to instant message each other using a "new and intuitive on-screen keyboard." By using a headset, users will be able to voice chat; and by using Go!Cam, video chat will also be enabled.

"With Go!Messenger, PSP is pushing new boundaries, adding unique communication functionalities to all the existing multimedia experiences," said Stephane Hareau, PSP European Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "Enabling more than 8.5 Million PSP users across the SCEE region to communicate with each other, through Video or Voice chat, truly confirms the always evolving nature and potential of PSP.''

The service has been developed in partnership with BT, one of the world's leading telecom providers. Sony plans on adding even more functionality to the PSP through Go!Explore and the Go! branded video download service. European PSP owners will have a lot to look forward to -- hopefully, SCEA will follow-up with its own American service.

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