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LGC07: Go!Messenger PSP enables IMing, voice and video chat


SCEE has put a name to the BT-developed software that will enable a suite of VoIP functionalities on PSP: Go!Messenger. The Go!Messenger XMB application will be installed with a future firmware update due in January (or downloaded separately), enabling European PSP users to instant message each other using a redesigned virtual keyboard (we're still waiting on a physical QWERTY pad to materialize). In addition, the PSP headset and Go!Cam can be used for voice and video chat.

Go!Messenger has been developed in conjunction with BT, the UK's leading telecommunications and broadband internet provider, which services more than 170 countries. Initially, Go!Messenger will only be available in select European territories and will remain limited to Wi-Fi hotspot availability. No plans to expand the chat services beyond BT's jurisdiction have been announced.

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