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LGC07: New Track & Field on DS celebrates 25 years of competition

Jem Alexander

The Konami press conference at the Leipzig Games Conference has elucidated an impressive feature list for the recently revealed DS title New International Track & Field. The game is a celebration of 25 years since the first version was released as an arcade game. Not only will the new version include over 20 different athletic events, but there will be unlockable Konami characters to play as. The first two such characters to be announced are Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 and Sparkster from Rocket Knight Adventures.

All the new characters for the game are being designed by Udon Entertainment and the final title will include extensive online features, including 4-player matches either locally or via Wi-Fi, downloadable content, online rankings, leader boards and detailed player profiles. The game will also include a ticker "news feed," which promises to update anyone playing online whenever any world records are broken via a news ticker across the screen.

We've embedded an ad for the game after the break. If you're sitting in a quiet office, note that it's filled with grunting and screeching.

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