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Motorola and ARIA release MOTOROKR Z6 DUO ARIA Edition


What's better than the music-centric MOTOROKR Z6 slider you ask? One that is brought to you in conjunction with the Australian Recording Industry Association -- think RIAA, but Australia's version -- of course. Released exclusively through Crazy John's on a minimum plan of AUD $35 over 24 months (that's AUD $840), this fella definitely doesn't come cheap. Included as pack-ins are the MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth stereo headphones, a 1GB memory card, and a $25 ringtone and wallpaper pack. The impetus behind this partnership -- other than to collect info about all your stolen music and get you busted (wink, wink) -- is to give Z6 owners direct access to ARIA's music chart from their handset and hopefully give Moto's flagging sales performance a much needed boost. Nice handset, nice headset, but these two may make strange bedfellows -- at least in the public's eyes -- if the ARIA is as unpopular as the RIAA is over here.

[Via mocoNews]

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