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Novac intros external HDD enclosure with sizable cooling fan

Darren Murph

Paranoid about excessive heat? Looks like the folks at Novac share your worries, as the NV-HDS392U external hard drive enclosure packs one of the largest, most prominent cooling fans you're likely to find in such a device. Boasting an all-aluminum frame and measuring in at 2.16- x 7.2- x 4.69-inches, this unit plays nice with any 3.5-inch IDE / SATA hard drive that you've got hanging around, and connects up with your Mac or PC via USB 2.0. If things get a bit heated, users can simply flip the "on" switch to crank up the side-mounted cooling fan, and those interested can snap this one up early next month for ¥4,980 ($43).

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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