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Thompson mentally fit according to Dr. Wunderman


Following the Florida Bar's option of seeking psychological testing or face a 91-day suspension, GamePolitics has the details of Jack Thompson seeing a psychologist on his own dime who said he is allegedly free of mental health issues. The analysis was done by a Dr. Wunderman and Thompson filed the psych. report yesterday to go with a pair of lawsuits he has against the Florida Bar.

According to Thompson's psychologist Dr. Wunderman, "Mr. Thompson appears to be a thoughtful, prosocial and erudite man whose life is anchored, fortified and enriched by his Evangelical Christianity. I find no evidence that his faith distorts, clouds or impairs his personal or professional judgment." Wunderman during his analysis focused on if Thompson suffers from mental illness, if he's obsessed with porn and obscenity and if he's obsessed with stopping the sale of violent games to minors. "Obsessed" being a clinical term here and not what we'd all clearly say is obsession. Thompson also says he will try to cut down on his use of hyperbole and sarcasm in his motions and says he knows he may have offended with his writings. It'll be interesting to see if the Florida Bar asks for Thompson to see their own psychologist.

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