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Want to blog for TUAW?

Scott McNulty

Apple news never rests, but sadly humans need to sleep at least 2 hours a night (at least that's what I get). In an effort to bring you the best Mac news as quickly and accurately as possible we need some new blood here at TUAW.

Can you name all the cats that OS X versions have been named after? Do you know how to make your Mac do the darnedest things? Are you aware that Apple also makes computers? Then you might have what it takes to join our team of happy bloggers here at TUAW.

We'll be accepting applications until September 7th, so send the following things:

  • A brief bio
  • 3 samples of posts written in TUAW's style. One should be a review of something, another an opinion piece, and the third can be whatever strikes your fancy (existing blog posts cannot be used, this has to be new material)
  • Your current Mac setup
  • Your contact info
To apps-at-tuaw-com in plain text (no attachments, please). Notice that we are looking for plain text emails, folks. Sending an attachment is a sure way to take yourself out of the running.

We're looking for general bloggers as well as people who have an intense knowledge of a particular Apple technology (AppleScript, QuickTime, Final Cut, what have you). Generalists and specialists are both welcome!

And yes, this is a paid position (please be over 18 years of age).

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