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CheapyD makes 'motion to quash' Circuit City subpoena


OK, just ignore how much you'll never shop at Circuit City again for about two minutes. CheapyD, also known over a couple pints as David Abrams, was recently subpoenaed for his information regarding Speedy1961, a forum poster on Abrams' CheapAssGamer site. Speedy1961 is probably best known to the general audience as the guy who pretty much breaks or verifies major sales information early -- like the Circuit City price break for the PS3 seen above. CheapyD's lawyer has now filed a 'Motion to Quash" Circuit City's original subpoena citing procedural errors and stating, "CAG reserves the right to further challenge the Subpoena on its merits after the procedural deficiencies noted above have been addressed by this Court." That's legal talk for burning time.

CheapyD discusses the situation in the latest podcast. From a basic public relations standpoint, this really seems like a silly move. Circuit City has gotten tons of free publicity and advertising from these leaks. Well, the saga will continue and we're sure CheapyD will keep us informed.

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