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    IGN UK reviews "Sevenly Sword"


    The NeoGAF forums exploded in a fury of wild emotions at IGN UK's recent review of the much anticipated Heavenly Sword. The critics at IGN UK have much to praise about the game's visual presentation, noting its stellar graphics: "Everything from the beautifully designed, slickly animated characters to those magnificent, omnipresent sweeping vistas is a glory to behold."

    But the review goes downhill from there. The combat system is called "tiresome and, to be blunt, incredibly boring." The story goes through a "hopelessly hackneyed, melodramatic script."

    IGN UK is known for its highly critical reviews. However, PS3 fans must feel like Nariko (above) when one of the first reviews of such a heavily promoted game gets bashed so strongly. Hopefully, future reviews will show the game in a more favorable light, considering how crucial having a AAA title in the PS3 library is.

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