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Nokia holds Matsushita responsible for faulty batteries

Darren Murph

C'mon, you didn't think Nokia was just going to sit around with 46 million bum batteries on its hands and not play the blame game, didya? Reportedly, when Nokia's worldwide CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo was asked whether Matsushita (the batteries' manufacturer) would be held liable for the fiasco, he responded by saying that the firm was "investigating" the issue, and noted "...of course they are responsible to us." Currently, Nokia has yet to divulge what kind of financial impact this whole mess will have on the company, but it's apparently planning to pass along at least some of the connected costs to Matsushita. Furthermore, Nokia's chief refused to comment when asked about the future relationship between the two outfits, but we're sure true feelings will become evident in due time.

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