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Take Two brings Top Spin to the Wii


If there's one thing the Wii needs, it's more tennis. And that's just what Take Two and 2K Sports think, as they get set to bring their top tennis franchise Top Spin to the console sometime this spring. The game will be developed by 2K's Paris studio PAM Development in conjunction with 2K Shanghai and, if press releases are to be believed, will feature "fun, flawless tennis action and the most real life tennis experience to date for the Wii."

Players will use the nunchuk for controlling their player and their aim, while, as one would assume, the Wiimote will be the player's tennis racket, allowing them to take use of the motion-sensitive controls. This will allow players to control what kind of shot they make, as well as the power and intensity of that shot. Oh, and there will be party games. We all know a Wii game is incomplete without them!

Sadly, no Wi-Fi support was mentioned.

[Thanks, Tim!]

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