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The FCC's push to go all digital

Ben Drawbaugh

The end of analog is coming and the FCC isn't content with just the OTA channels making the transition, they want cable to do away with analog as well. So much so, that the FCC chairman Kevin Martin is proposing a mandate for dual must-carry that would require any MSO which is still using analog to carry both an analog and digital version of each OTA channel per their request -- no the 'must' part doesn't go both ways. This isn't too big of a deal for many providers 'cause they already do this, but as bandwidth become more and more valuable, providers are looking for ways to save some bits. As much as the older cable co's would love to drop those bandwidth hogs off their lineup all together, they're faced with millions of customers who may go elsewhere if forced to use a STB on every TV, no matter what the cost.


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