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Caption Contest: poultry vs. robot in a duel to the death

Darren Murph

We're told this type of battle is indeed legal in certain corners of the universe, but we honestly never thought we'd see the day when a gallinaceous bird came to the human's side to fend off the impending robotic takeover.

Ryan: "That sound? Seth Green and Adult Swim filing suit over the Robot Chicken trademark."
Thomas: "Quit your cock blocking and fight!"
Darren: "These wooden posts are such lame excuses for adequate prostheses."
Paul: "Look, I know you're scared. We're all scared. But if robots and robo-chickens can't learn to live in harmony, we might as well just let the humans have the earth all to themselves."
Evan: "Not surprisingly, the martial arts sequel to Howard the Duck tanked at the box office."
Don: "2019: Despite repeated protests from People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots, the title bout between Robo Chicken and BD "Boxy Hands" 209 went on as planned."
Josh: "I love you!" -- "It'll never work!"

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