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First SSF2THDR stage unveiled: Vegas, baby


[Update: Capcom has posted a revised image of this stage.]

Capcom has released the first glimpse of a turbo-high-def-remixed Super Street Fighter II stage, Mike Bison's Balrog's Las Vegas strip, now saturated with bright purples. Background historians will also notice that the crowd has been scaled back from the original version, apparently to cut down on animations, in turn, decreasing the game size. Other modernization efforts bring bigger busts and an Escalade limo (thankfully, a pimp hat is still just a pimp hat). Most noticeably, the old Golden Nugget casino has been bulldozed, making way for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix's Crazy Buffalo; named in honor of one of Balrog's signatures.

Producer Rey Jimenez also fills us in on a new game mode, call it "re-balanced mode" for now. The optional mode is being designed with input from tourney players, but Jimenez doesn't elaborate further. Expect it to make the final version of the game as long as it doesn't "totally break" the gameplay.

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