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France Telecom confirms talks with Apple, no iPhone deal yet

Chris Ziegler

Following earlier reports that Apple has struck lucrative deals with O2, Orange, and T-Mobile across the pond, France Telecom now confirms that "there are talks" for it to score an iPhone agreement of its very own. It's unknown whether the terms are the same as those allegedly hammered out with the other European carriers -- 10 percent of call and data revenue -- but at any rate, a senior exec at France Telecom is saying that he doesn't believe pen will go to paper for at least a few weeks "if only for technical reasons." Are those "technical reasons" related to the inclusion of 3G, by any chance?

Update: Thanks, commenters -- indeed, this is all a little screwy. France Telecom is Orange, so it's unclear whether today's Reuters report is referring to the same group as before or another. We'll keep our ear to the ground.

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