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King of Kong opens in eight more cities today

Kyle Orland

We know we probably sound like a broken record with our repeated praise-singing for the fabulous King of Kong, but with good game-based movies being rarer than a perfect game of Pac-Man, we feel this effort needs all the support it can get. The movie opens in eight more cities today, including major metro areas like Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Washington, DC.

King of Kong's limited five-screen opening last weekend brought in a respectable $10,000 per screen, just slightly less than box office leader Superbad. Sure, Superbad was on roughly 590 times as many screens, but still, it's tailing Superbad!

The movie is currently holding at an incredible 98 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and a respectable 83 out of 100 on MetaCritic. What more do you need? Get some tickets already!

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