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Ninja Theory wants Heavenly Sword sequel [update 1]

Nick Doerr

We can't say we didn't see it coming -- Ninja Theory is willing to give us a second Heavenly Sword game. Chief developer for Ninja Theory (always get the two ninja companies confused), Nina Kristensen, issued this statement: "We'd certainly like to do the sequel with Sony but nothing's been set in stone ... We're looking to expand and do new things but certainly we want to continue the Heavenly Sword franchise." Ultimately the decision comes down to Sony and we're sure their decision will be based on sales of the first game.

Reviews are starting to come in for all of Sony's anticipated, heavy-hitting games. While there aren't a lot of reviews for Heavenly Sword just yet, it's getting mostly positive responses. Also, since it is so heavily anticipated, we think it'll sell well enough for Sony to "okay" a sequel. Even though most of us haven't gotten our hands on the final version, do you think Heavenly Sword should turn into another sequel-churning franchise, or is there just something a little more special about a single game that tells a whole story?

[Update: changed "Team Ninja" to "Ninja Theory"... seriously, these companies need to think a litter harder about their names.]

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