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T-Bags for T-Boys and T-Girls

Eric Caoili

Inappropriately-named accessory manufacturer Thrustmaster has revealed a new line of DS Lite pouches that the company promises will "electrify the catwalks during the next fashion shows."

Too young to carry around a man-purse, but still in need of a tote for all of your gadgets? The "T-Pack Only for Boys" comes with pockets and compartments for games, mobile phones, and even a DS Lite! A pair of earphones and a USB recharging cable come packed with the set, as well as a "Thrustmaster Elite Member" badge. You know, so you can let everyone know how much of a Thrustmaster you are.

For the Thrustmaster ladies out there, you'll have two options -- Pink/Denim and Purple/Denim -- both equally repelling. The purple "fashion pack" comes with eight heat transfers, giving creative girl gamers a chance to personalize their bags with hearts, butterflies, and, yes, dolphins. Head past the post break for photos of the "T-Jean Bag 2 DS Lite Girl" and the "T-Pack 2 DS Lite Girl Pink."

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