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Welcome to the Gem-E-Mart, how may I serve you?


Some friendly advice: if you can't stand dealing with customers, don't become an enchanter or jewelcrafter. Enchanters cannot sell enchants in the AH, so they do their business in the trade channels. Jewelcrafters can still cut jewels and sell them in the AH, but we also make some of our money by advertising our cuts or responding to "LF JC to cut ____" statements. As such, enchanters and jewelcrafters need to learn how to be store owners -- how much to charge, what to offer, when to be "open", how to deal with rude customers, etc.

I've never done enchanting before, so when I set up my jewelcrafting shop, I had to figure out things really fast. I decide that I would charge 4g per blue gem cut, no exceptions and no relying on tips; I would try to "stock" the most wanted recipes, like Runed Living Ruby and Wicked Noble Topaz; and that I wouldn't directly sell cut gems to people who didn't bring me the uncut, as that would either lead to me losing money or them saying, "I can get this cheaper on the AH!" Yeah, well, I can sell it for more money on the AH, so let's both be happy.

But one thing I definitely had to polish was my customer service skills. I'll make every possible effort for an actual customer -- look up stat combinations, recommend gems for certain classes, and direct them to another jewelcrafter if I didn't have what they needed. But man, there are some bad customers out there. People who think they shouldn't pay you for "just pressing a button", ignoring that your recipes were 300g a pop. People who ask you to buy their gems for them off the AH and then come meet them in the middle of nowhere for a lousy 5g. People who use the phrase "the customer is always right."

Crafters, what policies do you have for your "store"? What are the worst customers you've run into?

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