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Battle of the Armory comparison sites

Dan O'Halloran

Want to find a quick way to see the stats of the players on your server in the same class? Two sites aim to provide you with just that: comparison of every attribute pulled from and linked to the Armory.

Wow Metrics is in beta and only covers Mages, Warlocks, Warriors, Rogues and Priests. You select the class, server and stat to compare and it gives you back the list. A very long list. You can click on anyone in the list to go to their Armory page and see how exactly they got those numbers. Gankbang does the same thing, but covers all classes and gives more information in the listing.

Being a Balance druid, I'm always looking for ways to improve my equipment selection. I love that I can easily find a list of other druids with high spell damage and spell crit. And I can go straight to their Armory profile to see how they accomplished that. And from the Armory listing I can check out their talent spec.

Are there any other sites you know of that make good use of the Armory? Let us know.

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