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Final Fantasty Tactics issues addressed in US release

Nick Doerr

If you played the original PlayStation version of Final Fantasy Tactics, you're probably used to the few small technical issues of the game (especially the cheap and overpowered Orlandu Durai ... T.G. Cid, not to mention the Calculator class). The localized US version of the PSP remake address multiple issues that were left open in the now seemingly half-finished Japanese release.

Slowdown has been mostly eliminated -- this plagued the Japanese version and a heck of a lot of other PSP titles as well. We know the game has been fully voiced now, but we're kind of disappointed to see the introspective text on a black background get removed. How else will we know Ramza's innermost thoughts and feelings? An issue still remaining is the so-called "flattening" of the musical score, but we can probably get over that.

New features we'll at least mention are the multiplayer aspects where you can face off against a buddy or team up and explore special dungeons with set missions. These are ad-hoc only; no wireless online fun. Two new characters are made available to us: Luso from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 and Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. Don't ask how. Two new classes, Dark Knight and Onion Knight, are also available. The most important change is the complete re-translation of the text. It now sounds like something straight out of Vagrant Story or Final Fantasy XII, as it should. We can't wait to play one of our favorite classics again, especially since it sounds like the experience has been fleshed out into an almost completely new game.

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