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MGS Online images display cardboard box strategy

Nick Doerr

Set in what we can only assume is the same world as Metal Gear Solid 4, the new Metal Gear Online title is shaping up to be quite the sexy goddess of tactical espionage action we've been dying to see. What you can check out in this slew of new screenshots is that hiding in cardboard boxes is still pretty convenient to get the drop on your opponents -- there appear to be boxes sitting around everywhere. Still, shooting every box you come across is always going to be your best option.

If boxes aren't your cup of tea, how about narrow hallways? When you get tired of the mayhem of an open-field massacre, take your team and huddle around an open doorway leading into a hall and create a complicated ambush of unlimited fire. The possibilities are out there for this game to become one heck of a title, so we'll keep you as updated as possible on new images, game features, and maybe even someday, a release date.

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