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One Boss Leaves: Kazzak vs. Vaelastrasz wrap-up


Vaelastrasz the Corrupt has emerged victorious from last week's encounter between himself and Doom Lord Kazzak. There's a lot of disagreement in the comments as to why, including lengthy discussion of whether Vael's Burning Adrenaline ability should be considered in the fight and whether Kazzak's Twisted Reflection ability could just heal through whatever damage Vael might do. But disagreement aside, Vael won by a landslide:

The comment winner of the week, however, has to be Jess, who stays out of any detailed discussion of numbers or abilities and gives us the following:

Vael because after a few minutes with him Kazzak would want to /wrist rather than keep fighting that whiny emo boss.

For anyone who's fought Vael, you know exactly what Jess is referring to. Will his attitude win Vael the overall top spot in our competition? We're nowhere near the end yet, but you can check back later today for another matchup!

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