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30 minutes until Call of Duty 4 beta opens [update 1]

Dustin Burg

That's right, you've known about it for a while and now you have a thirty minute wait until Infinity Ward opens up the flood gates on registration into the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer beta to United States Xbox Live members. Today, at 12:00PM pacific (3:00PM eastern) simply head on over to the official CoD 4 website, answer three trivia questions correctly, sign up for the multiplayer beta and get your redemption code. But be warned, Infinity Ward has made it clear that the codes will be given out on a first come first serve basis, so you can almost expect their hosting servers to start on fire and people to get really, really angry. But not you, because you're in the know and already have the beta page open and are ready to sign up in a split second. Remember, today's beta sign up is for US residents only with other countries making it into the beta later on ... but not today. Good luck everyone, make us proud and get those CoD 4 multiplayer beta codes!

Update 1: Sorry everyone ... all those CoD 4 beta tokens are already gone. Stupid servers crashed and we never got to register, but we just received image confirmation that the fun is over. We call shenanigans!

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