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ExtremeTech points out 5 HDTVs with quality HD & SD pictures

Matt Burns

Standard definition, something your Grandma's TV can produce effortlessly, is sometimes the hardest signal a HDTV to processes. Jagged lines appear, colors can roll vertical on the screen, and everything just looks crappy. Unfortunately for every HDTV owner, not every station is broadcasting in high-def so when you wanna watch, lets say FX, ya' have to deal with the crappy picture. In fact, most of the time that picture looks better on Grandma's TV but fortunately, ExtremTech has posted reviews of 5 HDTVs that deal with SD favorably: NEC Multeos M46-AVT, Sony KDS-55A2020, Vizio VP42, Pioneer PRO-940HD, and AOC Envision L32W461 - wanna place a bet for the best performer? Anyone? Obviously, the Pioneer Elite plasma came out on top but the other four served-up standard-def well enough. Most people don't buy an HDTV with SD in mind but consumers need to understand that not everything on their new, sexy flat-panel is going to look hot.

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