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Intel's new vPro processors toughen up your system


According to Intel, your computer-security fears will be a thing of the distant past thanks to its latest vPro technology update. Apparently, the new safe-guarding apparatus is a combination of the company's Core 2 Duo processors and the Q35 Express chipset, in addition to several "technology innovations" that the chipmaker says will fortify business-centric systems against "software-based attacks," as well as viruses and the ominously vague "other threats." New components of the technology include Intel's Trusted Execution Technology (TXT, AKA LaGrande), which isolates assigned memory and protects it from access via unauthorized software, and improved system defense filters, which can identify a larger number of threats in network traffic. "Today, the business desktop PC just got more secure," says a company spokesperson, though for our system "protection" we're sticking to NoDoz and nunchucks.

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